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We Are Reaching Out To The EOS Community For Advice & Support

EOSUSA has just achieved our 4th on-chain check mark on the EOS Nations BP scorecard and we’re weeks away from a fully synchronized history plugin.

We are ranked currently in the 170’s.

We have a full arm of technologist and a 25,000 square foot facility that's dedicated to growing our node as the database grows from 4 terabytes to 4 petabytes over the next 10 years.

We are dedicated to contributing to the EOS ecosystem. We are developing intellectual property for EOS including a mobile voting app with the ability to share voter preferences between users. We filed a patent in the 4th Quarter of 2018 for an EOS technology that can move physical value in the real world to EOS value in the blockchain world instantly.

EOSUSA is striving to be EOS’s number one media outlet globally. Gathering stories from block producers, proxies and dapp developers to promote them and help the EOS Community grow.

Leslie Haas & Clay Albright of EOS USA combine efforts in their candidacy for EOS Block Producer.

These are our current contributions to the EOS ecosystem as we strive to get EOS to become adopted mainstream. We would really appreciate your advice and support. What would you do if you were us to achieve our goals? What insight or contacts could you provide to help us help strengthen the EOS community?

Reach out to us on our Telegram channel @EOSUSA.

*** Vote for EOS USA by choosing ivote4eosusa on your next ballot.***


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