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The World Saw a EOS Top 21 Block Producer Get Ejected

Leslie Haas and David Pence of EOS USA discuss the biggest obstacle facing the EOS! Paving the way for future projects, EOS has already reached a size of 4 TB in 8 short months.

A top 21 BP was ejected last week due to non-compliance. Block Producers must be held to technical standards. If you’re an EOS token holder, and you want to review the technical performance of each block producer, you can check out the block producer scorecards at either EOS Nation or AlohaEOS.

If you liked the video, please, give us a thumbs-up and leave those comments. For more EOSIO related information, visit our website at EOS USA.News. EOS USA is a block producer candidate for the EOS ecosystem. Vote for EOS USA by choosing ivote4eosusa the next time your power-up your vote!


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