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Stay The Course: EOSUSA Leaps to 124th Rank as EOS Block Producer

For weeks we have been scratching our heads. Despite huge advancements in our technical infrastructure, our block producer was losing votes. Or, at least that's what we thought!

Rule #1 - Do not use your block producer account name as a proxy.

Michael Bohnen, our senior I.T. engineer, realized this rule #1 when he removed "ivote4eosusa" from the list of EOS proxies. EOSUSA received a half a million votes....instantly!

Michael Bohnen, Senior I.T. Engineer for EOSUSA

Our block producer jumped from 170th to 124th in the election. As of this writing, we are still unclear what caused this sudden leap. However, we are certain that rule #1 applies.

Despite the challenges of being self funded, EOSUSA is moving forward and proving ourselves technically competent. Today we stand with a small group of 15 block producers that have achieved a perfect score on the EOS Nation Block Producer Scorecard. Please consider EOSUSA as YOUR trusted block producer.

EOSUSA show "perfect score" on the BP scorecard.

We are working hard to earn your vote!




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