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EOS - Because Ethereum Let Me Down

Ethereum was at the right place at the right time, but did they capture the right market? Regulation is looming in the ICO space and...

EOS - Goddess of Dawn

Dan Larimer doesn't tell what EOS actually stands for. Here is my take on it!

EOS - The "Reset" Button For Crypto!

EOS is quickly becoming the front-runner for all of the cryptos. Here are a few of my reasons why I choose EOS as the best total package...

EOS Bitcoin Ethereum Comparison

In this video I make a comparison of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS platforms as different forms of transportation.

Bitcoin - Why all the bouncing?

Many of my friends have asked me if Bitcoin will continue on its path upward. Is Bitcoin still a good investment? I hope this video can...

EOSIO as explained by Dan Larimer

This video describes the history of EOS and Dan Larimer in Dan's own words. Like & Subscribe to this channel for more news about EOSIO.

Steemit joined by Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas took a minute to address possible impersonators on his Steemit account yesterday. He received a huge welcome from the Steemit...

EOS Will Become The New Internet

EOS is the newest project of Dan Larimer. Dan Larimer invented bitshares and steem. His two successful blockchains produce more...

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